Coming 2024...

Launching in Q3 2024, MoneySavvy will provide digital financial planning to the UK, helping customers arrange and manage their investments, pensions, life assurances and so much more.

With MoneySavvy you'll be able to see your whole financial universe through one simple dashboard - with great products and solutions only a few clicks away!

Get savvy about MoneySavvy...

The MoneySavvy Principles

MoneySavvy is built on 3 clear and driving principles:

Why choose MoneySavvy?


Financial planning at your fingertips

Instant, unbiased, tailored financial planning via your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Whenever you want it, whoever you are!


Your financial universe in one, easy-to-use app

Your investments, pensions, savings, life assurances, bank accounts and debts, all in one place, easy to see and understand.


Financial planning you can afford

Planning and products priced to give you confidence and to help you build the financial future you want: For you and your family.


Track your financial progress

Get closer to your money: Check your financial “health” and measure your progress against your goals and objectives.


Boost your savings by introducing friends & family

Introduce family and friends to MoneySavvy and grow your savings. The more people you introduce, the faster they'll grow!


A couple of years ago we, a small group of grizzled financial services veterans who’ve done and seen it all, met up for coffee and cookies in a small coffee shop in Oxford. We had an idea to do something different: to build a financial planning app that people would actually like, that would be useful to the majority of people and that financial advisers could get behind.

We liked our idea so much we gave it a name: MoneySavvy, and started pulling together some of the best people we could find - tech geeks, marketeers and product types - to build a team. Like minded individuals who shared our principles.

Loving a latte and a chocolate chip we became wedded to our idea: sensible, easy to understand financial planning for the masses, great products and investment solutions in a digital app the customer could trust.

That’s our story.

Contact Us

We are working hard in the background to get MoneySavvy ready for our customers in early 2024. However, in the meantime we would love to hear from you! So please drop us an email and we will do our best to get back to you within 2 working days.